Future of SMSF 2018

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Please note that slides and other support materials are included within each module.

Course Content

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Module 1 - Key insights into the Future of SMSF This module takes an in-depth look at the key findings from the Future of SMSF 2018 Report. 45 mins


Module 2 – Building your SMSF Business Model This interactive module helps practitioners to develop their SMSF Business model using a series of activities and the Business Model Canvas. 1 hour 45 mins


Module 3 – Building your SMSF Business Model (Part 2) This module takes an in-depth look at determining a SMSF client's value proposition by exploring their pains, gains and jobs to be done using the Value Proposition Canvas. 1 hour


Module 4 – Technology as an enabler for your SMSF business The module explores the role of technology within your SMSF business as an enabler to delivering a truly client-centric focus. 1 hour


Module 5 – Strategies to grow your SMSF business In this module we explore ways in which practices can grow their SMSF business and how specialists are capturing a larger share of the SMSF sector. 1 hour